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White Genocide South Africa

White Genocide South Africa - Overview

Protect the White Farmers In South Africa 

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White Genocide South Africa

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South Africa
Stop the murders in South Africa
There have been many attempts to raise awareness about all the murders in South Africa. It has even received some international media attention, but this has not had an impact on the rate of the occurence in South Africa. These murders are not ordinary robberies with aggravated circumstances - but victims are being tortured in brutal ways during the killings. Government in South Africa has not responded to the request for more policing and effective prosecution of the perpetrators. It is time to put international pressure on the S.A. Government to do what it takes to protect our farmers. Crime in South Africa is out of control and a sense of lawlessness is prevailing, not only in the rural areas. We urge the S.A. Government to start a serious campaign to raise a stronger (non-corrupt) police force and to make funding available to protect rural communities. The concern with violent and brutal crime in our country is magnified by the lack of successful prosecutions and investigations. Corruption is spreading throughout our civil society, and police are often part of the crimes. This is a desperate situation - for ALL SOUTH AFRICANS, and the lack of action regarding the brutality of farm murders in South Africa, has proven a need to take this battle into the International arena! This petition could help put pressure on the local and international community to take action, any action, which would lead to a safer environment for everyone in South Africa. The aim of this petition is to create one united stand against lawlessness in South Africa, and to put a stop to this! If you want more information on the situation, just search murders in south africa or farm murders in South Africa on any search engine
Stop Farm killing in South Africa
Farm murders in South Africa are both political and racist. White farmers are brutally murdered, some tortured and some have their throats slit after being tortured. It is rare for a white farmer to survive a farm attack, only those that fight back stand a chance while the rest are butchered like animals.rnrnIt has now been 14 years since Peter Mokaba invented the “kill the boer, kill the farmer” slogan and it is exactly since then that the farm murders started to escalate. Most white farmers have since fled the country while those that remain are under heavy attack.rnrnToday when the police minister Nathi Mthethwa spoke at the AgriSA conference he had the following ignorant words to say:rnrn“We do not see it as anything else political or racist, we see it as just crime.”rnrnrnrnThere is a word for all this, it is called clueless. Whether he tries to ignore the facts or blatantly acts like the farm murders are nothing more than crime cant be answered.rnrn14 Years after Mandela joined in and sang “kill the amabulu” the slaughter and genocide against white farmers continue in South Africa.rnrnrnrnLast week South Africa saw another gruesome animal like murder of 61 year old Belgian businessman Etienne Cammaerts on his Limpopo farm.rnrnHe was found after being kidnapped and murdered. He was found with his hands and feet tied and his throat slashed at the side of a dam or water pan. His farm vehicle was still at the scene and nothing was stolen. It is speculated that he was hijacked when he went to drop farm workers.rnrnThe farm that was in a area marked for “land reform” was thought to be in a safe place as Etienne moved their to escape from the stress.rnrnHe and his partner lived on the farm for 6 years before the murder.rnrnGenocide in South Africa continues against white farmers.rnrnrn
Stop the Murder of Southern African Farmers!
Farmers are the back bone of the economy, yet in South Africa they are murdered on a daily basis. Since 1994, more than 3700 farmers have been brutally murdered in South Africa, and more than 40 000 suffered serious physical damage in South Africa alone. rnrnKommandos that were used to safeguard farmers prior to 1994 have been disbanded. This has to be rectified and a workable safety net improvised immediately. Bring back the Kommando units today! rnrnThe SA citizens pay taxes, which should be used to ensure their safety and survival. It is time for South Africa to put something back into the lives of the farmers that feed them.rnrnThe farmers in Zimbabwe have been driven off their land and massacred to a point where there is less than a handful is left. The nation is starving while their president is lavishing in luxury. This should be brought to trial at the International Court for Human Rights.rnrnThose in power have the responsibility to address the imbalance of power and enforce restitution.rnrn
Farm Murders South Africa
Farmers in South Africa are being murdered at the rate of 313/100,000, and they often suffer violent deaths after being tortured for hours. That's 2 farmers every week! 90% of farms that have been redistributed have failed and are NOT producing any food. Farm killings have increased since Julius Malema - leader of the ANC Youth League - has started singing the banned song "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer".rnrn
White Genocide in South Africa
3,000 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa at four times the rate of rural black South Africans. These attacks have not been random, but part of an organized effort conducted by hit squads against the most vulnerable targets. At the same time there has been a significant increase in police shootings of unarmed white South Africans. “Today we are going to arrest a Boer,” has become a common chant among African officers of the South African Police Service. And the Boers often don’t survive the arrest.rnrn
Genocide Watch
Londoner hacked to death and wife left seriously injured in latest attack on white farm owners The murder of a British man, Christopher Preece, on a South African farm at the weekend has reignited a debate about the alleged "genocide” of the country's white farmers. Fifty-four-year-old Preece, a geologist from Southgate, North London, was hacked to death with knives and machetes on his Fleur de Lis farm in Ficksburg Free State, near Bloemfontain, on Saturday night, but the news only emerged yesterday. He had gone outside to look for his dogs, which are said to have been poisoned by his attackers. Waylaid by three armed men, he fled for his home but was followed inside and killed

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