++Welcome to the Riseingsouthernstar of Africa another Homepage on the web,about South Africa,A Homepage to share for Young and Old .++
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About Riseingsouthernstar-africa

Riseingsouthernstar-africa is a Homepage and Website based on South Africa,The Life and Culture and Wildlife and as Well of our Lives ,when we were still Liveing in South Africa .

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Pictures of South Africa


riseingsouthernstar africa


This Homepage has Information on South African History,on the Wildlife and the Big Five Game of South Africa.
You Can find Pictures ,Links ,News,Recipes,Joke ,South African Ghost Stories and many other things that mite Intrest you,and also for School Projects,Some Pages are not for childrens View.

You will find link banner on top of the webpages,at the bottom of the website,and on the left side of the page,you will also see alot of pages are link to other sites ,on the Net,and as well linked to partner and our own websites and Homepages...

Our Homepage has 180 sites on 4 homepages to visit,3000 pictures and over 150 linked website on all 4 homepages and Bloggers on South Africa with alot of Information ,linked to 4 homepages that was build up from our team,it took 2 years of hard work to set these Homepages on the web,for viewer to see ,and share around the World...
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About the White Genocide and Boere Volk

All about Trucks and Classic Motors
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This site is about Aliens and the future to come,and not of South Africa,it is a homepage on its own,that mite intrest viewers.

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And Our Website Blogger,on the White Genocide and farm killing that is going on in South Africa..

news,and videos, many more to come in 2013 and the next few months to come.

We also have a facebook Site

We thank all for the support ,that was given from our partners and our facebook friends ,and hope seeing you soon again on our homepage.

Thankyou from your Webmaster and Team,and most of all thankyou to,for your Support...

South African Radio Station

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