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Riseingsouthernstar-africa is a Homepage and Website based on South Africa,The Life and Culture and Wildlife and as Well of our Lives ,when we were still Liveing in South Africa .

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The information contained in the links provided below should be enough evidence to display to the entire world that there is indeed a coire race of White South Africans. However we will continue to update this page with links of information as our colleagues provide. We will not stop. We will be relentless in our efforts to shine a light in a dark corner of the world where the media magnets want to sweep under the rug of diversity and multiculturalism until these atrocities are stopped completely.

A Website for the Boere Independence for the Boere Nation.
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This website was conceived as a discussion resource for people of European ancestry concerned by the many problems in the lived life, culture, and future of the European race.
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Radio Pretoria gagged from broadcasting to certain areas by the ANC government

Radio Pretoria, the Pretoria based radio station, celebrating  Boere-Afrikaner culture was ordered by Icasa (The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa)  to stop its broadcasts to outlying areas. According to the station these relay stations are known to the broadcasting authority and was listed and attached to the original approved licence.

Radio Pretoria logo

The order meant that the radio station would incur losses if they are forced to   abruptly discontinue broadcasts. They’d also be in breach of contractual obligations with advertisers. In response to the order the station instructed their lawyers to apply for an urgent interdict in the Pretoria High court. The court granted the order and the station will now be able to continue broadcasting to the listed areas until January 29, 2013 when the court will decide on the matter.

Radio Pretoria has through the years become much more than just a local community radio station. The station has found many fans in outlying areas, beyond the Pretoria municipal boundaries and boasts many listeners from all over the world, via audio-streaming.

The Journal will keep you up to date with this story.


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