++Welcome to the Riseingsouthernstar of Africa another Homepage on the web,about South Africa,A Homepage to share for Young and Old .++
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About Riseingsouthernstar-africa

Riseingsouthernstar-africa is a Homepage and Website based on South Africa,The Life and Culture and Wildlife and as Well of our Lives ,when we were still Liveing in South Africa .

Help us help them survive

Pictures of South Africa


riseingsouthernstar africa

White Genocide South Africa

Protect the White Farmers In South Africa 

The South African News Letter ,is about South African News ,The Past and The Future and the Lattest News ,what is happening in South Africa.

Here you can see News about South Africa ,and alot of news around South Africa. Like Wild Life,Farm Killing in South Africa and the White Genocide of South Africa.....

If you submit a comment on this website, Please leave a message in our Gestbook ,if you dont like this Homepage,thankyou for visiting

Pictures of South Africa.


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Thankyou for Looking into our News letter Page and have a lovely day and Vielen Dank!  


White Genocide South Africa - Stop Farm killing in South Africa

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