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Leon Ernest "Schuks" Schuster (born May 21, 1951) is a South African filmmaker, comedian, actor, presenter and singer.
Schuster was drawn to the filmmaking process at an early age. As children he and his brother would play practical jokes on his family and film these with an old home movie camera.
Schuster studied for a BA degree at the University of the Orange Free State and spent two years teaching at a high school in Bloemfontein.
Early life Schuster was drawn to the filmmaking process at an early age. As children he and his brother would play practical jokes on his family and film these with an old home movie camera.Schuster studied for a BA degree at the University of the Orange Free State and spent two years teaching at a high school in Bloemfontein.

 Career  Schuster began working for the South African Broadcasting Corporation in 1975. During his time at the SABC, Leon created the Afrikaans radio series Vrypostige Mikrofoon with Fanus Rautenbach– where he would disguise his voice and take the mickey out of unsuspecting victims.

Music  In 1982, Leon was approached by Decibel Records to compile a series of sports songs and his first record, Leon Schuster sold 100,000 units. His second album Broekskeur sold in excess of 40,000 units and this was followed by Briekdans and Leon Schuster – 20 Treffers which sold in excess of 270,000 copies.
His hit CD Hier Kom Die Bokke garnered an FNB Sama Music Award for Biggest Selling CD of 1995. His following CD, Gatvol in Paradise, sold in more than 125,000 units and gave rise to the unofficial Gauteng anthem, Gautengeling.

Films Schuster's first feature, You Must Be Joking! produced in collaboration with Johan Scholtz and Elmo de Witt became popular with South African audiences and it gave rise to the sequel You Must be Joking! Too.These films were candid camera sketches and Schuster made many more of these films as well as slap-stick films, the most notable of which was Mr Bones. The film emerged as the most successful Schuster film of all time, earning more that R33 million at the South African box office.
 De Voortrekkers Harold Shaw Dick Cruickshanks, Goba   South Africa's white supremacist Birth of a Nation depicts Boer pioneers' northward expansion
 Alles sal Regkom Pierre de Wet Al Debbo Afrikaans  
 Daar doer in die bosveld Jamie Uys   Afrikaans  
Altyd in my drome Pierre de Wet Al Debbo Afrikaans
Mr Kingstreet's War   John Saxon, Tippi Hedren   War  
 Die Voortrekkers          
Snip en Rissiepit          
 Animals Are Beautiful People Jamie Uys Paddy O'Byrne English  
Boesman and Lena Ross Devenish  Athol Fugard    
 Dans van die Flamink          
Dooie Duikers deel nie          
Funeral for an Assassin Ivan Hall Vic Morrow English  
Ongewenste Vreemdeling          
Pens en Pootjies Dirk de Villiers, Joe Stewardson Afrikaans    
 Karate Olympiad/Kill or Be Killed James Ryan (actor)    
 Tigers Don't Cry Anthony Quinn, Simon Sabela Thriller    
 Night of the Puppets  Daan Retief      
 Plekkie in die Son  William Faure      
 Grensbasis 13
/Mercenary Commando
Danie Joubert South African Border War  
 The Gods Must Be Crazy Jamie Uys N!xau, Sandra Prinsloo, Marius Weyers, Louw Verwey   English, Afrikaans, Juǀʼhoan, Ungwatsi  
Kiepie en Kandas Jan Scholtz      

Marigolds in August
Ross Devenish     Entered into the 30th Berlin International Film Festival
 Kill and Kill Again Ivan Hall James Ryan, Anneline Kriel  
 My Country My Hat David Bensusan Regardt van den Bergh    
 Nommer Asseblief Henk Hugo      
Funny People II Jamie Uys      
 Wolhaarstories Bromley Cawood Leon Schuster    
 Geel Trui vir
´n Wenner
Franz Marx Ben Kruger, Ray Storm, Claudia Turgas, Deon van Zyl, Dulsie van den Bergh    
 You're in the Movies Emil Nofal      

Solomon's Mines
J. Lee Thompson Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone, Herbert Lom,    
 Nag van Vrees Jim Murray, Stanley Roup      
Skating on Thin Uys Pieter-Dirk Uys Pieter-Dirk Uys,  
 Vyfster: Die Slot Sias Odendaal Patrick Mynhardt    
 Wie Die Laaste Lag Koos Roets      
 You Gotta Be Crazy Emil Nofal Bill Flynn, Amanda Forrow    
 Jock of the Bushveld Gray Hofmeyr Jocelyn Broderick, Michael Brunner  
Liewe Hemel Genis William Egan      
Mountain of Hell David Bensusan      
 Outlaw of Gor John Cardos      
 Place of Weeping Darrell Roodt      
 You Must Be Joking! Elmo De Witt Rina Hugo, Carike Keuzenkamp, Kallie Knoetze,  
Across the Rubicon        
 An African Dream        
 Kill Slade Bruce MacFarlane      
Murphy's Fault Robert Smawley      
No Hard Feelings Charles Norton      
 Nukie Sias Odendal, Michael Pakleppa      
Operation Hit Squad Tonie van der Merwe      
Platoon Leader Aaron Norris    
 Die Posman Anthony Wilson      
Tenth of A Second Darrell Roodt      
Tusks Tara Moore      
Wereld Sonder Grense Frans Nel Scot Scott    
 White Ghost Beau Davis      
 You Must Be Joking! Too Leon Schuster, Lizz Meiring    
Alien from L.A. Albert Pyun      
Accidents Gidi Amir    
 Act of Piracy        
 Any Man's Death        
A Private Life (Jack & Stella) Francis Gerard Bill Flynn, Jana Cilliers    
Fiela se Kind Katinka Heyns Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Dalene Matthee    
 Laser Mission Robbie Simpson      
Last Samurai Paul Mayersburg      
Let the Music Be Frans Nel      
Love Me Leave Me Alan Birkinshaw, Charles Mariott      
Lucky Strikes Back Joe Stewardson Lucky Dube    
Mapantsula Oliver Schmitz     Screened at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival
The Most Dangerous Woman Alive Chris Marnham      
Nightslave John Parr      
Options Camilo Vila      
Out on Bail Brian Hessler, Gordon Hessler      
Paradise Road (Traitors) Jan Scholtz      
Quest for Love Helen Nogueira Jana Cilliers, Sandra Prinsloo    
Space Mutiny David Winters Cameron Mitchell Considered one of the best spoofs on Mystery Science Theater 3000
Terminal Bliss Jordan Alan      
Thrilled to Death Chuck Vincent      
Van der Merwe P.I. Regardt van den Bergh Anneline Kriel, Regardt van den Bergh    
Whispers Robert Bergman      
You're Famous Yehuda Barkan   Israeli co-production
The Zambezi Kid Denis Scully      
Africa Express        
Killer Instinct David Lister Joanna Weinberg    
Lambarene Gray Hofmeyr      
 The Gods Must Be Crazy II Jamie Uys      
The Native Who caused all the Trouble Manie van Rensburg      
Odd Ball Hall Jackson Hunsicker      
  Oh Schucks!...!Here Comes U*N*T*A*G Leon Schuster Leon Schuster    
Oh Schucks.... It's Schuster! Leon Schuster Leon Schuster    
Okavango (Wild Country) Wayne Crawford, Danie Odendaal,      
On the Wire Elaine Proctor      
Prey for the Hunter John Parr      
That Englishwoman Dirk de Villiers Veronica Lang    
Voices in the Dark Vincent Cox Lucky Dube    
Warriors from Hell Ronnie Isaacs      
Windprints David Wicht Marius Weyers  
 Agter elke man   Steve Hofmeyr en Dulcie van den Bergh    
Circles in a Forest Regardt van den Bergh Ian Bannen, Brion James and Joe Stewardson  
The Angel, the Bicycle and the Chinaman's Finger        
Sweet 'n Short Leon Schuster Leon Schuster    
Friends Elaine Proctor     Entered into the 1993 Cannes Film Festival
 There's a Zulu on my Stoep Leon Schuster Leon Schuster    
 Cry, The Beloved Country       Based on a novel by Alan Paton
Danger Zone   Billy Zane, Robert Downey Junior   US and CAN
 Panic Mechanic Leon Schuster      
African Violet        
Paljas Katinka Heyns     5 MNET All-Africa Film Awards, South African submission to 70th Academy Award for Best Foreign Film
Sweepers   Dolph Lundgren Set in a mine in Angola.
After the Rain        
Millennium menace Leon Schuster Leon Schuster    
The Man Who Would Kill Kitchener François Verster   Biography of Fritz Joubert Duquesne. 1999 NTVA Silver Stone & Stone Craft Award
Angels in a Cage   Jeremy Crutchley, Sylvaine Strike    
Apostles of Civilised Vice        
Hijack Stories Oliver Schmitz     Screened at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival
Glory Glory   Paul Johannsen, Steven Bauer, Amanda Donohoe, Gideon Emery, Ana Alexander
 Mr Bones Leon Schuster Leon Schuster, David Ramsey, Faizon Love, Robert Whitehead, Jane Benney Highest-grossing film in South Africa on release.
Diamond Cut Diamond Darrell Roodt Gary Daniels, Nick Boraine, Gideon Emery
Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony      
The Sorcerer's Apprentice David Lister
Red Water Charles Robert Carner Lou Diamond Phillips, Kristy Sawnson, Gideon Emery
Boy called Twist   Kim Engelbrecht    
Cape of Good Hope Mark Bamford Debbie Brown, Eriq Ebouaney, Nthathi Moshesh, Gideon Emery    
Drum   Taye Diggs    
A Case of Murder Clive Morris Steve Hofmeyr, Candice Hillebrand, Gideon Emery, Anthony Fridjhon,
Forgiveness   Zane Meas, Arnold Vosloo, Quanita Adams    
Max and Mona        
Oh Shucks, I'm Gatvol! Leon Schuster
 Yesterday Darrell Roodt Leleti Khumalo   Nominated for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 77th Academy Awards    
Engagement   Caroline Nicou  
The Flyer   Kim Engelbrecht    
  Mama Jack Leon Schuster Leon Schuster    
 Tsotsi Gavin Hood Presley Chweneyagae, Ian Roberts, Zola, Terry Pheto   Won Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 78th Academy Awards
U-Carmen eKhayelitsha Mark Dornford-May     Won Golden Bear at the 55th Berlin International Film Festival
Bunny Chow   Kim Engelbrecht    
Angels in the Dust        
 Faith Like Potatoes Regardt van den Bergh Frank Rautenbach, Hamilton Dlamini  
Son of Man Mark Dornford-May      
Anner House        
Counting Headz: South Afrika's Sistaz in Hip Hop Vusi Magubane & Erin Offer    
Ouma se Slim Kind   Quinne Brown    
Tengers Michael Rix    
 Mr Bones 2: Back from the Past Gray Hofmeyer Leon Schuster Highest-grossing film in South Africa on release.
The World Unseen Shamim Sarif Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth  
 District 9 Neill Blomkamp Sharlto Copley Nominated for Best Film at the 82nd Academy Awards
  Invictus Clint Eastwood Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon  
Five Roads to Freedom: From Apartheid to the World Cup Robin Benger & Jane Thandi Lipman    
 Life, Above All Oliver Schmitz  
 Platteland Steve Hoffmeyr
Bok Van Black


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